Design your own hiring robot

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Your company has its own way of hiring. We get that. That's why our implementation team takes the time to work with you to set up the system to fit the unique way you recruit and hire. You can give your hiring managers only the applicants that meet your pre-established qualifications, an ordered list of applicants based on a scoring system you establish, or you can give them the whole applicant pool and let them decide.

Sort job applicants by favorite ice cream flavor

Our flexible sorting system allows you to slice and dice your applicant pool to your heart's content. Want to make sure you've given all your internal applicants a fair shake? Sort by source. Want to see who's worked for a competitor? Sort by company. Need a chocolate expert for your new line of gelato? Custom columns can be added so that you can sort by any skill you want.

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Keep a tight leash. Or don't

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You've got reasons for hiring the way you do. Some companies manage location hiring from their corporate offices. Others let their field managers hire in the way that makes the most sense for their location. myStaffingPro works with your company to set up a solution that's as controlled as you need it to be. And if it doesn't quite work the way you thought? Our support team can help you fine tune the system to meet your needs.

Advance Your Qualifying Needs as Your Business Grows

As your business grows, myStaffingPro offers advanced qualification opportunities for our enterprise-level clients:

Assessment Integrations

myStaffingPro integrates with dozens of assessment vendors to assist with matching, scoring and prequalifying candidates. View our partner list for a sample of assessment opportunities.

Professional Consulting Integrations

myStaffingPro works with dozens of executive recruitment firms to integrate searches into our hiring software. View our partner list for a sample of consulting opportunities.

Custom Application Builder

Create custom applications and questionnaires optimized for your industry.

Phased Applications

Develop phased applications that minimize the initial submission time for potential applicants. Then send longer questionnaires to candidates who meet minimum qualifications.

Translations for the Application Process

Provide your online application in multiple languages.